3 Investigating Zen (single pointed mind)


What is the definition of Samadhi?

There are various kinds of Samadhi with many meanings accumulated from thousands of years ago until today. We have to create a new language Samadhi. There are many arguments over the meaning or definition of Samadhi. If you use words to describe Samadhi you still don’t know Samadhi. Vocabulary is dangerous; words are dangerous.

Enlightenment is like a mirror, and it is very powerful. The door to enlightenment may be anywhere but the important thing to discover is the key. People like to gather more and more information but this is moving in the wrong direction.

From a billion to zero.

This is the end of the Dharma age and the Dharma of the end age. Why do we want to put a lot of language, or words, in our mind? Our mind is like a thousand years of data. Our mind is like a huge hard disk. We may have many millions of gigabytes inside but we still deposit more information. Our minds can be compared to a large search engine which deposits a lot of data in our heads. Our minds are rigid. People are like machines, rigid and mechanical. We resemble advanced robots. We need to go from a billion data back to zero mind, just as if we have taken off all of our layers of clothing.

Where does the data in our minds come from?

Since we were children our data has come from our parents, our teachers and from society. Deeply embedded in our minds are values of good and bad, right and wrong. Some of our data comes from newspapers or soap operas. Much information comes from outside of our mind. Before this happens is our mind truly pure?

Yesterday I saw a busy bird picking up dry grass to make a nest. No one taught this bird how to build a nest, but a bird can still do this. Perhaps deep in our mind this data is inside. If we take off everything is our mind still pure? Therefore we must concentrate to find out: what is our true mind? What is Buddha’s natural mind? What is enlightenment or Samadhi? We have to remove attachments and obscurations. Then we are able to become liberated.

What is it that attaches us?

‘I’ ‘me’, and ‘you’ attaches us. ‘I’ is ego, and the mark of language. The subjects of language (I, you, he, she, it, we, and they) are all expressions of egoistic attachment. Without this ‘I’ who are we in essence? Don’t imagine it. What is the reality of ‘I’?

It is something we cannot rip out. It is something very important in practice. Some masters say we are already enlightened. Can we believe this? Why, then, are we ignorant? Why are we still suffering? Why are we still attached? Only people who have woken up understand the way. Only at this stage can we say we are enlightened.

A philosopher from ancient China, Lao Tzu, said  ‘All I am concerned about is my body.’ If my body disappeared I would not be concerned about anything. I would have nothing to fear. When people attain enlightenment, all experience is Samadhi.

The cat is the bird

Language is like a large animal, like King Kong. We have to sweep out all dharma and leave all marks and attachments behind in order to understand true meaning in its clarity and sharpness. OQ wisdom is the key. We have to find this software in our mind. It hides deeply in our mind and it is difficult to find, just as a policeman would find it difficult to catch a clever thief. If you become the policeman who is the thief? Who has stolen your mind? The policeman is the thief. You have stolen your mind. Who is looking for Samadhi? Is the policeman looking for Samadhi or is the thief looking for Samadhi? We must be like a cat. How do we investigate Zen or Chan? We must be like a cat stalking a bird or a mouse. The cat is the bird.

How to find the key is very important. Don’t copy, imagine or expect anything. The key is already in our pocket, or in our mind. It is already inside of us, but we haven’t found this key and so we have become ignorant.

There are many ways to meditate but only one key can open the door. Very quickly our jail becomes enlightenment power. OQ is the wisdom key. Then we know the nature of the wisdom software inside of us. This software is very important. People may tell you they find nothing and that they have got the answer, which is zero. Or someone clever investigates this zero and they find that everything is enlightenment. Many people like these words.

If we investigate Zen and say that this is ‘nothing’ we are stupid. If we use lots of descriptive words people will like this and want to follow this teaching. We like to download everything and for this we are willing to pay a lot of money and lose our natural mind. We remain circling in the six realms. The ‘I’ and ’you’ of attachment inside is like a big computer game which we want to play. It keeps us attached, in samsara.

Samsara is reincarnation

Our view of life is usually linear: from the past, to the present, to the future. Our thoughts follow our body and its five senses. We think our life span is limited but in fact it is our thoughts which have no limit, because they come from outside of us. This is our wisdom software. Our thoughts have no physical limitations or limitations of perception. We can compare thinking to a computer which can open several pages on a monitor, while inside there is another memory bank. Once we know that we come from wisdom software our thinking is unlimited and spacious. Then we know the nature of samsara.

Samsara is here and now. Time is irrelevant. Time moves very quickly. It is unimportant in space: consider the speed of light. Once we have awakened we are unconcerned with time. Because of ‘I’ we remain stuck in this body and its five senses. However language and data is in fact unlimited: ‘I’ is ‘you’ and ‘you’ is ‘I.’ It is our choice whether or not to follow samsara. Samsara is everywhere. Our wisdom software is our power, our tool, or our soul. This software exists everywhere. It may become enlightened.

The real colour

Buddha held in his hand a crystal ball which he showed to the kings of the gods of the East, West, North and South. These gods controlled human beings. Buddha asked them, ‘what color is this ball?’ One god said blue, another said yellow, the third said red, and the fourth god said that the ball was white. All of the gods had spiritual power but they all saw different colors. Buddha put the ball in his pocket and showed the gods his empty hand. He asked them, ‘what do you see now?’ All of the gods said, ‘nothing is there.’ Buddha said, ‘You are ignorant. The real color has come and you have all said that there is nothing.’

Who steals our mind?

We must investigate Zen. This is cultivation. What is Dao? What is the way of the spiritual? What is the way of Samadhi? Return to the beginning: zero. This is the Dao, the way of enlightenment. Once we have the key we can go anywhere. Samadhi will follow us everywhere.


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